Why People Are Turning to Dental Veneers

Sometimes, no matter how much you brush and floss, your teeth just aren’t as white and perfect as you’d like them to be. When regular maintenance just isn’t enough, a set of veneers downers grove il might help you to smile with the confidence you’ve been lacking. The procedure to get them placed is relatively simple and can change your smile forever.

Fixes Gaps

Sometimes, teeth can have considerable gaps that can make patients feel uncomfortable. The process of getting braces can take years to complete and tends to be uncomfortable and even painful. Porcelain veneers can close these gaps and are a great option.

Whitens Teeth

Teeth whitening solutions aren’t permanent, your teeth can easily go back to their old color over time. While it may be easier to get professional teeth whitening occasionally, severe discoloration can more easily be fixed with veneers in general. The material used in this process is also more stain resistant than natural teeth.

Tooth Shape

No matter how long you have braces on your teeth, they can’t fix the overall shape of them. Whether they are too short or not wide enough, veneers can help achieve the look that you have been hoping for. The veneers are molded to your smaller teeth and act almost exactly like natural ones.

Narrow Arches

While most people seem to have problems with their front teeth more than the back, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, the arch on the back of the teeth is too narrow and can’t be seen very well while your mouth is open in a smile. By using veneers, your back teeth can be built up to look wider.

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Orthodontic Alternative

As was mentioned before, braces and other similar procedures can take a long time to see the results that you are wanting. They’re great for overcrowded teeth as they can be molded to look straight in the front. This not only improves your smile but also makes it easier to brush and floss your teeth


The material that veneers are made from is very strong. It can last through years of use without any major damage. You won’t have to constantly be afraid of your veneers chipping and you can eat and drink like normal as well.


Usually, it only takes 2 visits to get veneers put onto your teeth. These 2 visits can equate to over a decade of use. While they do require upkeep, it’s only about as complicated as natural teeth.

No Downtime

A lot of dental procedures can lead to a potentially long amount of downtime from work or home responsibilities. The pain and healing process can leave people out of commission for a considerable amount of time. With veneers, the process is simple, and you can get back to your everyday life right after they are installed!


Having the smile of your dreams is just a couple of visits away. You won’t be afraid to show your pearly whites and they will look just as natural as your own teeth. Whiter, straighter, and less damaged looking teeth are within reach.