Why Healthy Eating is So Important

Why Healthy Eating is So Important

You are what you eat, if you have heard this before then in essence it is very true. When you eat unhealthy foods then you tend to become an unhealthy person. The foods we consume have a direct effect on our ability to grow, maintain our bodily functions and to prevent illness. So it is crucial to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

Healthy eating is important right from the day when we were born. Children grow very rapidly and this is due in part to the foods that we eat. All foods contain substances that provide us with all the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that our bones and muscles require. Food is our fuel, our bodies cannot survive without it.

In babies breast feeding is considered important as the mother’s milk is known as the perfect food. Containing all the nutrients that that child needs to grow and develop properly. Not getting enough of certain nutrients can cause a variety of problems, including stunted growth and under developed bones and organs. As the baby gets older all of these nutrients are then found in food, because our cells are continuously breaking down and rebuilding we need to eat healthy every day to achieve optimal health.

It takes our body energy to live, just to breathe and walk we require energy. The energy it takes to do these daily functions comes from our fat reserves and from our daily intake of food. If you are not eating correctly you will find that you end up storing more fat than your body requires and you begin to feel sluggish and weak. As well as requiring energy rich nutrients we also need the right nutrients to allow our organs to function properly. Hormones are produced by what we eat, so bad eating habits will reduce the amount of hormones produced and our bodies won’t work properly.

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Just by eating correctly we can prevent many illnesses from occurring. Without the right nutrients the body’s defense system will weaken allowing viruses and bacteria to attack.

Healthy eating includes drinking plenty of water and should be done daily. You would never dream of trying to drive your car without gas. So don’t try to function properly without fueling your body with the right foods first.

Learning to eat healthy from a young age is easily done, children will learn from their parents, so be a good role model and make the right food choices, and in turn this instills a healthy mindset into your child.