Wavefront Lasik Eye Surgery

Wavefront Lasik Eye Surgery

In order to correct the vision of a person, the usual LASIK method is performed by making use of a laser that reshapes the cornea of the eye. There is a new version of this procedure that is called the Wavefront LASIK, which shows a recent difference on the standard procedure and utilizes a Wavefront sensor that spatially corrects the cornea based on the readings it makes on the eye. This means that the Wavefront sensor is essentially measuring the eye. This recent technology can show the lens’ abnormalities which produces visual aberrations because of the image that the eye forms.

The Wavefront LASIK is utilized to custom shape the cornea so that the vision will be corrected. Wavefront’s results are actually better than the usual LASIK method. The side effects of LASIK are halos, poor night vision which are brought about by induced spherical abnormality. A LASIK physician in San Diego suggested to a lot of individuals to consider taking a LASIK eye surgery in order to welcome the recent Wavefront technology for it makes it possible for eye surgeons to be knowledgeable enough about the eye and produces better results.

The real cuts made on the cornea are made customary to the needs of every patient. Wavefront technology can measure the refraction at various points surrounding the eye which gives out vital information that is unique to the eye of every person. This technology makes a kind of map that the laser uses to simply navigate the eye in order to increase the procedure’s efficiency. But because every eye is unique, there is a need for a highly qualified LASIK surgeon to make an analysis of the eye’s condition in order to create a customary correction of the vision.

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Not all corneas are perfect and having imperfections inside the cornea can affect refraction. It is clearly evident that treating these imperfections can cause the vision to improve after a LASIK method is done. There are a lot of reports from different people who have experienced a Wavefront technology LASIK eye surgery. This surgery has approximately eighty percent of patients who contain a 20/20 vision. As a whole, this is a bigger average compared to those people who have experienced the usual LASIK method.

Amongst the advantages of this kind of procedure, there is a need to know which individuals are going to undergo LASIK eye surgery. This Wavefront technology can sense any kind of abnormalities in the eye using a laser beam and a fixation target. The Wavefront sensor is used to calculate the slope of the waterfront when it makes its way out of the eye. When the laser beam goes into the eye, it makes a flat wavefront. When under great conditions, the beam which is shot into the perfect eye will be reflected back. Once it does not go back, there are abnormalities in the eye. This knowledge is utilized to make a precise mapping method to see how the cornea will be shaped in order to correct the vision.

Even though Wavefront is a recent technology used with LASIK methods, it is also used to regulate optics and telescopes for several years. It gives information about abnormalities in the lens to the individual. This information will be used to correct the vision of the eye in the most effective and successful way possible.

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