Treating Obesity With a Healthy Diet

Treating Obesity With a Healthy Diet

When you attack or treat people who are overweight or obese there are two main goals, the first is to get you to a healthy weight and the second is to maintain that weight. The largest problem people who are overweight or obese face is the amount of weight that is needed to be lost. The other thought is that you will not see any effect from losing a little weight. This is wrong as with losing as little as 10% of your body weight you will see improvements in your life. If you weigh 285 pounds and lose 28 pounds you will see an improvement in a variety of areas. Some of these are in how you sleep, an increase in energy, and starting to look and feel better.

All the experts agree that by losing one to two pounds a week will be more successful in maintaining the loss versus the quick weight loss diet pill, dietary supplement or fad diet. If you start slowly and continue to lose weight at one or two pounds a week you can handle the changes in your body and as you put the weight on overtime it makes sense to take it off over time. By losing weight quickly you usually lose water weight and this eventually will be replaced as your body needs the fluids.

What is a healthy diet? I have come to realize there are four components to a good diet. Unfortunately not every diet has these and sometimes you need to combine a good diet with other components from other sources. Most diets give you the sizzle and not the whole meal. You need to be able to have a well balanced meal plan, a program that allows you to change your poor eating habits and replaces them with sound habits. You need to be able to set realistic goals for daily, weekly and monthly and be able to track your results so you can see trend develop and know what needs to be changed and where.

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The last component of is exercise. You can lose the weight without exercise but you will eventually need a good exercise program to continue your healthy way of life. The exercise program does many things which are beneficial.

If the exercise program is balanced with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises you will lose weight faster, it will be easier and you will feel better. When you exercise you increase the burning of sugar in the blood, you start to increase your cells sensitivity to insulin which will curb your appetite and use the sugar in the blood, the results is having more energy because your cells can use the sugar in the blood more efficiently and when your body demands it. Exercise will also help decrease the amount of stored fat and increase the size and strength of your muscles. Muscles burn calories and bigger and stronger they are the more they burn. I am not talking body builder size but a muscle increase of a few percent.

Many good things happen when you take the time to put together a comprehensive weight loss program. You will take charge of your life and be able to do things everyone else does. You will find a new inner strength to walk away from the dinner table after eating a smaller portion as you lose weight your body uses less of what you eat and starts to use what is stored on your body. Learn what it takes to find a good comprehensive weight loss program.