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Guidelines for Self-Publishing a Book

The current progress in technology, is now making self-publishing of books by novelists and other writers easy. Most authors prefer self-publishing because they will gain more due to the elimination of the profits that will be shared by the publishers. Another benefit that comes with self-publishing is that the funds that would have been used to pay the publisher can be used in producing more books. Thus, self-publishing has proven to be economical and it is more advantageous. The steps below will help you when you want to self-publish a book you have written.

To begin with, you are required to come up with a good executive editor to edit your book. You may be having errors in your book thus you will require the services of an expert editor to remove these errors. Errors may include spelling mistakes and discrepancies in the flow of syntax. There are different kinds of editors in the editorial world. If your book is a fictional novel, you should get an editor that specializes in fictional books. You can get recommendations about editors from other authors. This is because authors who have been in the industry long enough will be able to advise you on which editors are the best.

You should also put to consideration the design of a book cover of your book. A book cover will be able to put the thoughts of your story in picture form. Thus, a perfect book cover can make it easier for you to promote your book. Also a good book cover will help you since people will not be able to tell if it is an old-style publisher who published your book or it was just self-published. You should also purchase your own International Standard Book Number (ISBN). This way the booksellers will identify you as a publisher and this ISBN will also give extra information about the book.

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To conclude, after you have written your book, designed its book cover and bought an ISBN, you should now think how you are going to market your book. You should now make everyone know about the book you have just published. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise your book. You can also tell a friend to tell a friend and thus the word about your book will spread. You should also make plans on how your book can be easily purchased. This includes making your book available in PDF formats that can be bought through online stores. Also your book should be stuffed in major bookshops.

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