Plastic Surgery – Consider Your Insurance Provider For Funding

Plastic Surgery – Consider Your Insurance Provider For Funding

If your goal is to get plastic surgery sometime soon, you are probably busy saving up money for it. After all, most procedures are not covered by insurance. However, before you put it all on a credit card or take a loan to get work done on your face or body, you should double check with your insurance carrier, as more procedures than you may think are in fact covered.

The main requirement is to be able to prove that it is medically necessary. Breast reductions are one type of plastic surgery that most know are covered. If you are considering this procedure, you just need to prove to your carrier that your overly large chest makes your back hurt. If your bra straps cut into your shoulders and leave indentations, or you have become overweight because you cannot exercise with your oversized breasts, just let your insurance company know. You will likely be able to get the funding so that you do not have to pay to become comfortable.

There are other procedures that are less known about, but are usually covered. For example, if you want an eyelid operation just to look younger, you will have to pay for it. However, if you need this because your brows are now drooping into your eyes, blocking your vision so that you can no longer safely drive, it is a dangerous condition that needs to be taken care of. Therefore, it is likely medically necessary for you to get this type of plastic surgery.

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Some children have a condition that they are born with in which one or both ears are smaller than average. It is called microtia, and it often also affects hearing since the inner ear is not usually properly formed. Most children get it corrected with plastic surgery while they are young, but if you still have this issue, it might be covered by insurance. If you cannot hear because it is so oddly formed, you may have a case for getting it paid for, or at least the part that fixes the inner ear.

These are just a few procedures that are often considered necessary and can be funded. Of course, if you have these or other issues, you should call your insurance company to find out who will pay for the plastic surgery. The worst they can say is no, but they may offer you alternatives. For example, sometimes you might not get it fully paid for, but the agency might cover some since part of it would help your health out. It is often worth asking about.