Juggling a Heart Healthy Diet and a Diabetic Diet

Juggling a Heart Healthy Diet and a Diabetic Diet

Diabetic diets are different from normal diets. The object of these diets is to control your blood sugar through your diet. Diabetic diets are low carbohydrate diets that as a side effect you lose weight. In these types of diets you will initially lose weight a little faster but if you are overweight and a diabetic you need to combine heart healthy diet with your diabetic diet.

The major difference is the heart healthy needs to be low in saturated fat and you need to lose weight to lower your blood pressure and the toxins that stored fat produce in the body. Saturated fats are not the same as stored fats. Stored fats are what is present around the stomach, buttocks thighs and organs. You d need a certain amount of fat but when you are overweight or obese you are carrying a critical amount.

Today cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of deaths in diabetics. Also diabetes is the leading cause of heart disease. That sounds bad and it is. Most diabetics have a very painful period of life before they die. Many things happen as the body starts to fail. The heart is usually the one organ that fails and this is because of the damage that high blood sugar causes on organs. You can look forward to kidney failure, possible blindness and losing feeling in your lower extremities due to damage to the nerves from high blood sugar and poor circulation. The longer you have high blood sugar the more chances of these things happening.

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By lowering your sugar through diet and losing weight you actually give the body a chance to fight back. But first you need to lose weight, control your saturated fats and blood sugar. For diabetics blood sugar is the key. As of yet there is no cure for the disease but it can happen at any time. You need to control it so you can live a fruitful life and if a cure becomes available be in a position to take it.

The body will repair itself if you lose weight and control both your sugar and saturated fats. The true heart healthy diet is a vegetarian diet. The lack of red meat and other animal fats is what is needed. This type of diet will work for a heart patient and also over a period of time reverse the damage that has been done. This is an extreme diet and most people cannot handle the severe restrictions and most cardiologists do not even try to propose this diet but a diet that limits red meat and other saturated fats.

Ideally a diabetic diet that limits the saturated fat is what is called for. This way you are tackling both problems together. These diets do work as I have been on a diabetic diet for nine months and have lost over one hundred pounds and my blood sugar has lowered almost forty-five points. This has allowed the doctors to start cutting back both on my diabetic medicine and my heart medicine as problems I had one hundred pounds ago are no longer there. These diets do work and you can control both your blood sugar and make heart disease almost nonexistent.

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