Is Your Diet Safe?

Is Your Diet Safe?

With the rate of overweight adults in America increasing at an alarming rate, so has the amount of diets to choose from. There has never been more interest on “How to get back your Ideal Body”, “How to Get Slim, Fast”, “How to Lose the Extra Pounds” or “How to achieve your Perfect Weight”.

Before you jump on any bandwagon, you must be able to identify what constitutes healthy eating and weight control. A diet should not signify starving yourself and eliminating food groups that provide essential nutrients. A safe and healthy diet is something that you can rely on, on a daily basis, for long term weight maintenance. A safe diet should include all four food groups as outlined by the FDA.

Your body depends on proper nutrition from all four food groups for optimal body health and function. These nutrients build and strengthen tendons, muscles and bones; they also help control blood pressure. A safe and healthy diet will also decrease your risk of illness. Many foods, such as vegetables and fruit, are capable of reducing the risk of cancer, strokes and heart disease. With the great amount of diets out there promising to help you drop 10 pounds in just a week or two, how can you discover which ones are safe and will give you beneficial results? There are a few key ways of deciding if the diet you are considering is safe. Ask yourself the following questions before pursuing any new diet regime:

Does the diet include all four food groups? Your diet should include all four food groups.

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Does the diet encourage drinking lots of water? Water is essential to any safe and healthy diet.

Is the promised weight loss more than 3-5 pounds a week? Anything more than this will involve too much restriction and weight loss will be from water and muscle loss rather than fat. It is also considerably unhealthy to lose too much weight too quickly. A safe and healthy diet will allow proper weight loss at a healthy rate.

The truth is that achieving healthy sustainable weight loss can be accomplished by making your own diet regime. With a bit of research you can incorporate foods into your diet that you enjoy and stay away from the ones that you dislike. Keep the following principals in mind when figuring out a healthy and safe diet regime:

Portion control is the most important. Ensure that you understand exactly what a serving means.

Diet alone is not enough. Ensure you’re getting enough exercise.

Talk to your doctor. He or she will ensure that your goals and method are both safe and attainable.