How To Diet: Set Realistic Goals, And You Will Know How To Lose Weight

How To Diet: Set Realistic Goals, And You Will Know How To Lose Weight

Why is it that we are so reluctant to embark on a plan to lose weight? Often, it is because we have a faulty perspective about what we can reasonably expect. We try to lose, in two weeks or a month, weight that has accumulated over a period of years, or even decades.

If we don’t take time to think this issue through, we might just as well save our energy and time because unrealistic expectations are a set-up for failure. Always! That’s why fad diets don’t work. You get sick of them before you even make any progress.

In order to gain perspective, think of it this way. If you were planning to drive from Cleveland to Seattle, which is about 2400 miles, how long would you allow? Would you even dream that you could leave after dinner and arrive at your destination for lunch? Of course not! That’s ridiculous!

However, it’s really not any more ridiculous than the expectations many of us have when we embark on a diet to lose weight. You should plan to lose 1-3 pounds per week (more than that and you are losing body is conserving fat because it perceives starvation). If you have ten pounds to lose, it will take you the better part of a month.

If you have 75 or 80 pounds to lose, you are still going to lose 1-3 pounds per week. (In the beginning you may lose more because you probably are carrying extra water too in your body too.) That’s ‘t get discouraged.

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Think of it this it takes a year or two it doesn’t matter. That time is going to pass whether you’re losing weight or not. If you start a weight loss regime in the early summer, for example, picture yourself as thinner and more svelte by Christmas. If it’s two Christmases from now until you lose everything you want, you are still going to look fabulous by this Christmas because of the weight you will have already lost.

The hardest part is in the very beginning because your loss isn’t yet obvious. But wait a few weeks and someone will say…”are you losing weight”?, or, “you look great”. Even if others can’t put their finger on what’s different about you, I assure you they will notice that something is different.

In the meantime, set small goals. Plan to lose five pounds. And when you do, wrap your arms around you, give yourself a big hug and say “Kudos! You are a winner”! Then, set your next goal. Five pounds? Ten? Whatever you want. The important thing is that you are on your way!

Let me give you four tips to get you started:

1. Beginning today, reduce the portion size of absolutely everything you are going to eat by one-third, or even one-half. We’re all eating way too much food.

2. Eliminate all sugar-sweetened beverages.

3. Fill you plate this way: one-half for fruits and vegetables/salad; one-fourth for the protein (beef,chicken, beans etc); one-fourth for grains, preferably whole wheat, such as rice or pasta. Have water or reduced fat milk for your beverage.

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4. Get on the move! You don’t need to train for a just need to move! Use the stairs, go for a walk, take a class, play with the dog, jump with the kids…anything that gets you moving.

You will be surprised at how quickly and easily the pounds will begin to come off. This is a plan which is good for your family too. (I’ll bet at least one of them could also lose weight). You can do it! Start today