Hemorrhoids Surgery – Learn About The Difficulties and Ways To Ease Discomfort

Hemorrhoids Surgery – Learn About The Difficulties and Ways To Ease Discomfort

Has your doctor recommended hemorrhoid surgery? Or are you are in the process of preparing for hemorrhoid surgery? Following is a brief description of just what hemorrhoid surgery is, some of the difficulties you might face during your recovery, and some tips to ease the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are actually very common, they affect both men and women of all ages and occur roughly to about 4% of the American population annually. Hemorrhoid surgery is considered to be safe, so there’s nothing to be afraid of, just expect some difficulties with your day-to-day routines during your recovery time.

What Is Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Hemorrhoid surgery is recommended to people who have a severe case of hemorrhoids. It’s the removal of swollen veins around the anus. For most people, this in not an inpatient procedure where you need to be admitting to the hospital. Unless you have prolapsed or problematic hemorrhoids.

There is actually more then one type of hemorrhoid surgery. Depending on the nature and severity of your condition, your medical professional will know which procedure to use, depending on your condition.

With hemorrhoid surgery, there are procedures such as laser, freezing, infrared, injection, and cauterization. There is a procedure that uses staples and another one that uses bands.

It will be determined by your medical professional, which procedure will be used. Again, all of these procedures are safe, but you should expect your recovery period to be drawn out and painful. Your doctor may even prescribe medication or recommend methods or over-the-counter products to ease the pain and discomfort that you will experience.

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Some Of The Difficulties You Might Face During Recovery

After hemorrhoid surgery, you man have difficulty urinating, because it’s very painful during your recovery period and it makes it difficult to relax and allow the urine to flow out of your body.

Also, your sphincter may be damaged during surgery. This leads to a lot of pain and fecal incontinence. This is difficult to control your bowels and leads to involuntary release of feces or gas.

Some Tips To Ease Your Discomfort After Your Procedure

Many people actually do not even see a doctor for their hemorrhoids, if they know for sure that they have them, they often seek to find their own remedy. This may be okay in some cases that are not that severe, but it’s not recommended for prolapsed hemorrhoids, or external hemorrhoids that have grown too large or if rectal bleeding occurs.

Whichever you decide, following are some tips to ease your discomfort:

– Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing

– Take warm, 15 minute sitz baths 3 to 4 times a day

– Sit in the tub with your knees bent when taking sitz baths

– Use wet wipes to clean after a bowel movement

– Drink plenty of water, 8 to 10 glasses a day.