Help Your Child Lose Weight With Our Top Tips

Help Your Child Lose Weight With Our Top Tips

Research from the Department of Health showed that one in three 10 year olds are obese and a quarter of five years olds are overweight. You can help your child eat a healthy diet by following these simple tips:

1 Try to set up a daily eating routine of three meals a day for the whole family. It’s important to build a structure around eating to develop good habits. However busy you are try and get the family to sit down and eat together regularly at least twice a week, agree one night in the week and a once over the weekend and build it from there.

2 Encourage your child to focus on their food whilst eating and enjoy the taste of what they are eating. Discourage them to not to watch the TV or computer whilst eating so they are not distracted. Encourage them to take a short walk after eating, maybe with a dog or with yourself or and older brother or sister, this will help their digestion too.

3 Try to discourage snacking in between meals, especially unhealthy snacks like chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks. These are loaded with sugar and promotes weight gain. Encourage them to drink water, try rice or oat cakes and eat fruit when hungry in between meals.

4 Make sure you support your family and child into eating a healthy diet – family support is key and if the whole family is trying together you are all more likely to succeed. Try make a takeaway or pizza a special weekend treat rather than a regular evening meal.

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5 Never offer sweets or unhealthy treats as a bribe or a reward, this is confusing for a child and encourages an unhealthy relationship with food longer term. Instead find others things to distract or reward them with non food related.

6 Encourage them to exercise with you in the home and outdoors a few times a week. Try to instill in them that exercise is fun and encourage them to take part in your own fitness routines and explain to them what you are doing and how it is good for you. Try get them to do simple exercises at home or take them out for a 10 minute run!