Healthy Weight and Wellness

Healthy Weight and Wellness

Healthy weight and wellness are related. If you are truly in a state of wellness, you will have a healthy weight. However you can have a healthy weight and not be well.

Wellness is the quality of health of your body, emotions, mind and spirit. You attain and maintain wellness with proper diet, exercise, and healthy habits. Healthy habits include exercise, sleep, minimal stress, healthy self esteem and relationships and living life as a responsible adult.

Each of these topics can be an article. Today, we will look at how habits of food, exercise, stress management effects our health and wellness.

A good physical exam by a qualified professional can give you a good snap shot of where your body is on the wellness scale. You need to have regular checkups because many health problems are insidious and early detection is the key to return to health and wellness. Your practitioner notes trends that warn of dis-ease in progress, and you can address them early.

How is your stress level? Stress on middle aged women is pretty high. Most of us are working full time jobs. Many women never gave up the full time job of managing the household when we burned the bras. You may have children at home as well as caring for a parent. You could be going through a relationship breakup. As a family, you may be facing a job loss of you or your spouse. That might entail a move and new job. All of these stressors can add up to serious health risk if not recognized and attended to soon.

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Stress encourages other poor behaviors like smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee, eating too much sugar resulting in poor health including weight gain. We use these habits to offset the effect that stress has on our nervous system. Smoking causes cancer and other respiratory diseases. Stress can interfere with sleeping, so you drink alcohol to calm down and then drink coffee to wake up. It is a very unhealthy viscous cycle. Get off of alcohol, coffee and sugar and stop smoking. If you need the help of a counselor, get it. Learn stress management techniques. Put yourself on your daily list. And learn to say “NO” and mean it.

Do you exercise? How often? Once a month? That doesn’t count. Everybody, no matter what your age, benefits from exercise. Exercise conditions and tones the body, helps mental clarity, prevents or controls diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, increases oxygen to the cells, burns extra calories, and contributes to a sense of well being. Exercise needs to be at least 20 minutes a day 3-4 days a week.

Nutrition! Do you have a planned nutritious diet? Or are you on the “see food diet.” You “see” food and you eat it. Those items are probably from the dastardly trio of white flour, refined salt, and sugar (or worse artificial sweeteners). This is a recipe for disaster and dis-ease.

A good place to start is examining you eating habits. You are what you eat. If you do not eat well, you can not be well. Are you eating a healthy diet? Are you eating in moderation and choosing a variety of foods. Are you supplementing your diet with vitamins (like vitamin D and calcium) and minerals.

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