Healthy Habits for Kids

Healthy Habits for Kids

Health-conscious parents may be rather worried about how they can instill healthy habits in kids in the matter of eating a healthy diet. Many kids would rather eat processed foods, and junk food than eat fruit and vegetables, because hey, those foods come in the healthy food category, and they are so boring! Well, many people beg to differ!

A healthy diet is definitely not boring, as long as it is not forcibly drilled into a child that he has to eat some food because it is good for his health. This is quite the wrong way to go about matters. On the other hand, telling him that he is missing something really tasty, especially when their siblings are gobbling up the meal is going to bring him running in order to have his share of the nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables, fruit, beans and legumes, and whole grain products. Try encouraging your child to appreciate the value of these products, especially in snacks and meals that he has helped to make.

Healthy meals consist of lots of fresh organic vegetables and fruit. They also include carbohydrates in the shape of whole grain breads and unpolished rice. Legumes, lentils, beans and nuts are great sources of healthy proteins. Good nutrition should definitely be a family project with all the family members understanding the value of a good nutritive and healthy diet. You could teach your children to experiment with beans and legumes fried or baked with spices, nuts and olive oil. This is quite delicious! Baking is also a really healthy way to enjoy nutritious food especially if you are watching your weight, and do not want to fry your meals.

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Use homemade seasoned stuffing to spice up your meals. You could also make a number of seasonings, using olive oil right at home and use them liberally all over your meals. This homemade seasoning and sauces have an added advantage because you know exactly which natural ingredient has gone into their making! Also, have plenty of orange, green and red fruit and vegetables at hand, especially when your children are hungry. Teenagers can be encouraged to eat lots of fresh fruit by telling them that it is going to make their skin glow, and ain’t that the truth, brother! Once they see the difference, they are going to believe you and start to eat healthy!

Some people are under the impression that pizza comes in the junk food category. Not, if it is made up of full or whole-grains, and also not, if the topping is made up of natural ingredients such as tomatoes, fresh fruit, vegetables, a little bit of low fat cheese and any other seasoning and topping, which the child wants to add. Bake in the oven until crisp and enjoy. The child may not know that he is eating healthy products which taste so good, but he is satisfied that he is eating pizza, which is supposedly junk food!