Foods to Help Your Weight Loss

Foods to Help Your Weight Loss

Looking for the best way to lose weight? You don’t need all of the fancy diets and programs out there in order to maintain your weight loss. You only need to look at your diet and exercise regimen and to modify both of them. A healthier lifestyle goes a long way in the weight loss department and is better than a crash diet for your body. This article will suggest some foods that will fill you up and not be as bad for you as the processed foods from the store.

Potatoes are one of the healthiest vegetables you can find to eat. They get a bad reputation as a fatty food because of their high carbohydrate content. However, the truth is carbohydrates are not bad themselves. The problem is when processed carbohydrates make up a large portion of your daily intake. Starchy carbohydrates like those in potatoes are actually beneficial to the body. They should be a part of your daily diet. An average sized potato by itself only has around 100 calories and will make you feel full if topped with the right condiments.

The biggest mistake in eating potatoes is the person will add the wrong toppings. Most people load their potato up with fatty condiments. Butter, sour cream, bacon and cheese make for a lovely loaded potato but they also add hundreds of calories to a healthy meal. Substitute low fat cheese, non fat yogurt and low fat margarine to keep it delicious but save your diet. Leave the peel in place for extra fiber and nutrition.

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Fruits and vegetables are an important addition to any healthy diet. They provide loads of nutrients and fiber but they also prevent you from making an unhealthy choice of foods. Reaching for an apple rather than that bag of chips will save a lot of calories and fat from entering your diet. To lose weight fast you should try to get most of you calories from fruits and vegetables rather than fat and processed carbohydrates.

Eat your fruits and vegetables raw and unpeeled whenever possible. Frequently the peel contains the bulk of the vitamins and minerals so consuming them is best. Make sure to scrub the peel before consuming it to remove and dirt and pesticides. If you have to cook your vegetables try steaming them instead of boiling or microwaving. Steaming leaves most of the nutrients in the food while the other methods may not. Steamed vegetables retain most of their natural flavors reducing the need for added condiments like butter or sour cream.

Try to eat plenty of citrus fruit as the citric acid is known to assist the digestive system in breaking down the fatty foods you eat. It also provides you with your daily requirement of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system and to having enough energy to keep your exercise routine running. Apples are another good choice as they have a high fiber content and will fill you up quickly. Hopefully these tips will help with your weight loss program.