Everything You Need to Know About Nose Rhinoplasty

Everything You Need to Know About Nose Rhinoplasty

Nose rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance or function of the nose. It is recommended for cosmetic purposes as well as to reconstruct the nasal area for correction of birth defects, breathing problems, or trauma. The procedure can be performed using local anesthetic, general anesthetic, or sedation. The surgeon will make incisions inside of the nostrils only or make an additional incision across the portion of skin that separates the nostrils.

During the nose rhinoplasty procedure, skin and tissues are separated from the structures beneath them. The bone and cartilage in the area are reshaped and any hump in the nose is removed by cutting away the excess bone and cartilage. The tip of the nose may be narrowed by cutting bone and pushing it inward.

All incisions are then stitched closed and the only one that is usually visible is the small incision located across the base of the nostrils. The area is covered with paper tape to maintain the shape and a metal splint is applied and then taped down. This dressing and splint will need to be worn for a period of one week. Bleeding is rare but may occur and will stop within a few days, but a reshaping may result in a permanent scar at the base of the nostrils.

This procedure is usually without complications, but the patient should be aware of several possible issues that may arise. Septal perforation is a hole that is inadvertently made in the septum during the surgical procedure. Patients with this condition experience excessive nosebleeds, crusting, and difficulty breathing. The most common way to correct septal perforation is to have another surgery. Adhesions are a type of scarring in the septum and will require a procedure to remove them.

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In the United States, the cost for nose rhinoplasty can be as much as $10,000. The fee for the surgeon averages about $4,200 and the costs of the hospital room, operating room, and anesthesia are additional. There are also other fees such as those for any implant that is used as well as a general facilities fee and other minor charges.

Since nose rhinoplasty in the United States is so expensive, some patients opt to have this surgery performed overseas. Hospitals in Singapore, Costa Rica, Mexico, Croatia, Thailand, and several other countries have excellent reputations for performing this procedure. The cost of the surgery is often thousands of dollars less in these countries and because the procedure is performed in world-class facilities, it is just as safe.