Delicious Banana Q

Delicious Banana Q

Filipinos loves sweets like cakes, ice creams, chocolates and fruit desserts.

There are many kinds of tasty food in the Philippines and one of them is banana Q.

Banana is abundant in the Philippines and we usually love eating it at “miryenda” (snack) or just eating it any time of the day. It is nutritious, has vitamin B, potassium, fiber and tasty. Very easy to prepare and very affordable. In the Philippines, you can buy banana Q almost anywhere. It is sold at the streets, markets, department stores with price ranging from ten to twelve pesos. Many FIlipinos made selling banana Q their business because of low capital, easy preparation and cooking, easy sales and reasonable profit. If you are not in the Philippines, you can also easily prepare this delicious snack and share it with you loved ones.


– Five to ten bananas (“saba” is the best type of banana because it’s firmer, taste less sweeter compared to normal bananas being sold but you can use ordinary bananas if you don’t have saba)

– Brown sugar

– Cooking oil

– Bamboo stick (optional)


There are several ways to prepare banana Q but for me, this is the easiest.

– First, you have to get ripe bananas (five to ten will do for this project)

– Brown sugar (the more darker, the better)

– Cooking oil (most Filipinos use coconut cooking oil but any cooking oil will do)

– Peel the bananas

– Stick two bananas on a bamboo stick (optional)

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– Roll the bananas to the brown sugar

– Heat the frying pan and add cooking oil (the more cooking oil the better to prevent the banana with sugar from sticking to the frying pan). When the cooking oil is hot and boiling, carefully put the bananas inside.

– Rotate the bananas from time to time to prevent it from sticking to the frying pan.

– You can add more sugar while cooking to get a brown even look.

– When the banana is brown and evenly covered, remove them from the frying pan

– Banana Q is best served hot but some people (including myself) love eating it cold. Now enjoy you homemade healthy and delicious banana Q.

Preparing banana Q is easy, cheap and fast. Whenever I need a quick dessert for my kid and his friends, banana Q is always on the top of my list.