Breast Reduction Surgery – Determining If You Are a Candidate

Breast Reduction Surgery – Determining If You Are a Candidate

It doesn’t get as much play in the press, but breast reduction surgery is actually one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery. It can be done for cosmetic reasons, but most women use the surgery to correct issues they are having with their bodies.

Physical issues such as back pain or general discomfort. There are several factors that go into determining if you are a candidate for the procedure. The best way to know for sure is to set up a consultation with a qualified surgeon and discuss your options with him. He will tell you whether or not you are a good candidate. Before doing so, however, you may wish to compare yourself with some other types of women who have elected to undergo the procedure.

Psychologically, candidates for breast reduction surgery should be mostly happy with their self image and not be the type of person who ties in a great deal of their self worth in their body. This is true of any cosmetic procedure, but particularly for this one. Candidates should understand the purpose and scope of the procedure and have a good idea of what the end result will be. They should be prepared for a period of recovery. Typically, those who want to get the procedure are those whose larger chest size is causing them pain in the back and neck, those who have trouble breathing, and those whose posture is negatively affected by their larger bust size.

There are other problems that can be linked directly to having a chest that is too large. These problems may also be corrected by having a breast reduction. Other types of these issues include having trouble sleeping due to the chest size making certain positions uncomfortable or impossible. Candidates also may complain that their chest size is preventing them from doing certain activities such as sports or exercise.

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If you are experiencing a great deal of trouble finding clothes that fit and are comfortable and look nice, this could also mean you are a candidate for the procedure. Clothing is typically produced to fit the vast majority of the potential clientele. When an individual falls outside of that “average” spectrum, it can be a chore to find clothes. The sheer weight of the chest can cause irritation and pain from bra straps and can lead to chafing on the underside.

The most important aspect of determining if you’re a good candidate for breast reduction surgery is to see a qualified surgeon and discuss your problems. If you don’t have any obvious psychological hang-ups and don’t have unrealistic expectations, it is unlikely you will be turned away as long as you are in good health. Of primary importance is to find a good doctor and have a frank conversation with him about the possibilities.