Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

It is your right as a woman to have big breasts.

As a young girl watching your friends developing breasts whilst you remained as flat as a pancake was probably a difficult time in your life. It must have been both puzzling and worrying. Standing in front of the mirror at home to see if anything was happening yet must have been frustrating. You may have confided in your mum, who probably told you there was nothing to worry about and you’ll soon have breasts just like the other girls. But as the years rolled by there was no improvement and you remained unhappy feeling that you were only half a woman. Every where you look women were walking around with low cut tops and dresses showing off their amazing cleavage.

Although not all men are into big breasts, it does seem the majority are, and that in itself can make women dissatisfied with their breasts. They don’t feel men will find them attractive, they don’t feel sexy and therefore don’t have much self end result is they can be very shy and don’t feel comfortable around men.

There are obviously things a woman can do to to make it appear they have bigger breasts, You can change your posture. Hold your head high, push your shoulders back, stand tall with your chest thrust out. you can try push up bras, padded bras or bra inserts. If you are thin you could try putting on a bit of weight. There are exercises such as palm presses, wall push- ups and dumbbell exercises which will develop the muscles under your breasts. Eat more health nutritious foods and many other things to boot. The only problem is there will not be any significant increase in the size of your breasts in real terms and you will still be conscious of that fact.

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We’ve all seen plenty of examples of women who have gone under the knife to obtain bigger breasts and some have been very pleased with the results. Unfortunately many women have been left horribly disfigured, scarred, sometimes with odd sized breasts, inverted nipples, suffered infection and many other problems. These poor women have regretted having the surgery done at all,but the damage is done. Cosmetic surgery is as you know very expensive, very painful and not something to rush into without careful consideration.

For the majority of women with small breasts, like yourself, surgery as a option is a no no, simply because of the cost involved. So if there was an all natural way to literally make your breasts bigger that didn’t involve surgery, drugs, breast pumps or any other potentially harmful practices, wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Sure you would.