Breast Augmentation Information – Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

Breast Augmentation Information – Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

The breast augmentation information you don’t know could cost you your health insurance coverage.

Most people understand that typically insurance companies do not pay for cosmetic or aesthetic surgery of any kind. They may pay for some types of reconstructive or other necessary plastic surgery.

Thus good health plans, becoming fewer and fewer, will pay for plastic surgery to a face disfigured in an accident or fire. Moreover, most insurance plans will pay for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Also some plans may pay for removal of burst or ruptured breast implants. In fact this and other breast augmentation dangers may be why insurance companies may reconsider your policy if they discover you have had implants placed in your breasts.

When, an insurance company pays for breast implant extraction it will not pay for any implant replacement. If the patient wishes to do that, it is again out of pocket cost.

I know of no plan which will pay for elective luxuries like breast enhancement. So you negotiate with your plastic surgeon – pay out of pocket and think that “that’s that.”

Unfortunately what most people do not realize is that by having breast implants used in any breast augmentation operation you put yourself at risk of losing your health insurance coverage, or at the minimum having your insurance rates raised.

Therefore before having any breast augmentation surgery ask the following questions from your health insurance company:

Does my policy cover the costs of the implant surgery, the implant, the anesthesia, and other related hospital costs? To what extent? You may be able to piggyback the anesthesia with a covered procedure. I know one lady who had a face lift and breast augmentation in a single session and saved a huge amount of recovery time as well as money, but it was all out of pocket expenses.

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Does my plan cover the extraction and replacement of the implants if this becomes necessary? To what extent?

Does it cover the cost of detecting or treating a complication as a result of either the implant or the reconstruction? To what extent? Note you may need an MRI to find out if an implant has ruptured.

Will there be an increase in my insurance premium? To what extent?

Will my future coverage be affected? To what extent?