Be Prepared For Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

Be Prepared For Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

Minimally invasive hip surgery is a much faster and safer way to replace a hip joint. Rather than using one large incision to enter the surgical site, the surgeon makes two smaller incisions (or portals as they are sometimes called.) Not everyone is suitable for this type of surgery, however. Patients who qualify are generally thin, young and healthy and have a sincere desire to heal quickly.

When you have minimally invasive surgery, you will get the same hip implant that you would get with traditional hip surgery. Your surgeon will use specially designed instruments to get the artificial joint into place through the smaller incisions. Your incisions will measure between three and six inches, depending on your size and how extensive the surgery is. Your incisions will most likely be done on the outside of your hip. Your hip socket and femur will be then be prepared by the surgeon and the implant will be inserted. Any tearing or damage to your tendons will be repaired as the surgery progresses.

This non-invasive surgical technique has many benefits over more traditional hip surgery. You will experience less pain and muscle and tissue damage. Your hospital stay will be short, usually 2 to 3 days. You may even get to go home the same day as surgery, depending on how quickly you recover from the anesthetic and surgery itself. The total recovery time and rehabilitation period is generally shorter.

Minimally invasive hip surgery is a relatively new procedure that is still in its initial stages. It continues to be studied and improved each day. There has yet to be studies completed to prove or disapprove its effectiveness and long-term benefits. However, many patients are recovering quicker and with much less pain after their surgery has been completed. They will attest to the fact that this is the only way they would have their hips replaced. Obviously, they are happy with the results and only time will tell if their new hips do all that they are intended to do. It is a surgical procedure that is starting to catch the eye of many physicians and they are strongly considering its long-term benefits and reliability.

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